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Welcome to the Ab Car Sales customer testimonial page.

We often receive feedback from our customers regarding the service they have received at our dealership, whether in Sale or Financing. The vast majority of feedback we receive is positive, but not all.

Although we do our best to please everyone, sometimes we make a mistake that results in customers having a less than perfect experience. In these instances we do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible, and use your constructive criticism to improve our service for all our customers in the future.

If you have something to tell us, our Customer Service would love to hear from you at abcars@shaw.ca. Also, you can give us a call at 250-376-2112 and provide some feedback!



The first car I bought was right after my bankruptcy. I have since purchased a second vehicle at a much lower interest rate. It was a pleasure dealing with the guys at AB Car sales.


Even though I previously had a vehicle repossessed, AB Cars was able to get me financed on the vehicle I loved. They were a lifesaver because without a vehicle I would have lost my job.


AB Car Sales treated me with respect that I didn't find at other dealerships.  Dan and Gavin were very professional and easy to deal with.  They make the car buying experience so easy.


I went thru a messy divorce and my credit was terrible, my sister told me to go to AB Cars sale and in that after noon I was driving the car of my dreams. They did what they said and I was approved.


People get in unexpected situations but want to do their best to make things better and right again. So thank you for that!  I have real trust in Dan, Gavin, Mobile Financing and AB Car Sales as a whole.